Can Freshmen have cars on campus?

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Yes, we do not limit the number of cars on campus. Parking is free and it is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. All students living in campus housing are issued a parking decal.
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Yes, freshmen can bring cars to campus. However, the student parking permit states which parking lot you may park in, depending on whether you live on campus or commute. more
Yes, though space on campus is limited. The opportunity to purchase a parking permit is based on the order in which Alma receives your commitment deposit. Parking fees for first year students are $175 per year, and the city of Alma also has municipal parking lots. Students who have submitted their commitment deposits will learn more about the parking permit process through their portal accounts during the summer.
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A limited number of Freshmen will be able to have vehicles on campus. Freshmen students who desire to have a vehicle may complete the "Request for Permission to Register a Vehicle" form during the registration process. This request for an exception will be reviewed by the Admissions Office in conjunction with Campus Safety & Security Services. Due to a growing enrollment and the limited number of overall parking spaces on campus, we cannot guarantee that all Freshmen requests will be approved. more
Yes, and parking is readily available. There is no charge for parking on campus, but you must register your car with the Office of Public Safety. However, a car is not necessary, and the College strongly discourages freshmen from having a vehicle on campus during the first six weeks when acclimation to college life is so important. more
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Yes. You may purchase a parking pass for the Commons Parking Lot at Campus Safety, located at 1212 Mount Royal Ave, extension 410.225.2355, email security@mica.edu. more
Yes. The same policy holds true for freshmen as it does for the other students. more

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