Can home-based travel agents work for companies like Travelocity, Orbitz & Expedia?

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1 Answer

There is "world choice Travel". Any travel agency that wants to sell hotels and packages and is wanting to sell stock from Travelocity. (you can get access to the negotiated rates/ bulk rooms already bought by Travleocity) http://www.wctravel.com/ In some cases travelocity would be considered the consolidator, other times it's more like the agent is just using their engines. Now, lets say that is not what you want to do. there is another company that has people work from home and take calls and book travel/ customer service/sales These at home based lines are back up for the high- volume times at the call centers. That would be more directly under the influence of Travelocity, and then would have to be subjected to call monitoring, have to adhere to company policies, etc. It's a sales/ customer service position- both are provided. The name of the company is something like "working solutions" or "Work force solutions" I just know tha more
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