Can I apply lemon juice on my face everyday and leave it on for the whole day? Will it make my skin dry?

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Jean (Australia) A: You can't leave it on for the whole day in any case because it will look like you have something on your face. Apply it twice a day, for ten minutes at a time. This should help. Yes, lemon juice is drying. Vidula Chopra Q: My face is very oily. I wash my face regularly with soap still its oily. I also have scars. Please tell me the home remedies to remove old pimple scars, black spots and to prevent oil in my face. I also have open spores. Please tell me the face pack for my skin type to close those pores and control oil. Rathish (Ahmedabad, India) A: Unfortunately there is no remedy to close pores permanently. At the most, they can be tightened temporarily. Wash your face with Clean and Clear face wash around 2-3 times a day, and splash your face with water and wipe it gently through the day, as soon as it feels oily. Apply toner to your face at night before sleeping, after washing your face with a face wash. Toner tightens pores. Splash your face with ice cold ... more
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