Can I Avoid Harsh Penalties on a Marijuana Offense in Ohio?

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1 Answer

Yes, in many cases you can. Ohio criminal courts are typically lenient on first time offenders and offer pre-trial diversion and other sentencing alternatives to qualified defendants. Call for a consultation on your marijuana charge so we can discuss the alternatives that may be available to you. The goal is usually to avoid a permanent criminal record that can follow you for life, and prevent you from getting a job, a scholarship, a house or apartment, or any future negative impact that could result from a public criminal conviction on your record. And of course, as part of our legal defense consultation, we will thoroughly evaluate your case and look for every opportunity to get the charges dismissed completely. If there was any suspected misconduct or illegal behavior by the police, we will immediately file a motion to dismiss the charges against you. Once we know the specifics of your case we can better determine what your best defense options are, and what kinds of penalties you ... more
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