Can I break up/take apart Adderall XR capsules?

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1 Answer

It won’t work like you think it will. With a normal Adderall pill, it’s the same substance all the way through. You can break it into pieces for smaller doses no problem. But with a time-released Adderall XR you can’t really do that. How time-released Adderall XR works: If you take apart an Adderall XR capsule you’ll see a bunch of little beads in there. Some are dark orange and some are almost white. The dark orange beads are “instant” release. The almost-white beads are “delayed release” and have a thicker/slower-disolving shell around them. That’s the idea behind Adderall XR: time release. You take the pill, your body digests the outer shell of the capsule, then your body digests and processes the first batch of “instant release” beads and you get your first does. Four hours later (when the first dose from the instant beads has almost worn off) your body has finally worked its way through the almost-white “delayed-release” beads and you get your second dose. This structure makes ...
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