Can I bury cremated remains in the cemeteries?

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2 Answers

Yes, a few graves specifically for cremated remains are available in our cemeteries, but the majority of our memorials for the burial or interment of cremated remains are in the Crematorium Grounds. Up to six cremated remains burials can take place in purchased graves, in addition to the number of full burials for which the plot was purchased. more
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Yes, there are memorial gardens for cremated remains at each of our cemeteries. Cremated remains can also be placed in purchased graves. Are all the graves on consecrated ground? All of our cemeteries have consecrated (blessed as sacred) areas where you can buy graves. The consecrated ground is consecrated by the Church of England. What is the difference between unpurchased and purchased graves? Unpurchased grave An unpurchased grave, sometimes known as a public or common grave, is where the right to burial has not been bought and the council has total control of the grave. These graves can be bought at a later date if wished. Purchased grave A purchased grave is where the right of burial can be bought for a period of 100 years. The owner of the right of burial can decide who will be buried in the grave and must sign for any memorial to be placed on the grave as allowed in line with our cemetery regulations. How much will it cost? - To download a copy of the fees and charges list ... more

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