Can I buy Everclear alcohol (190 proof) in Vermont?

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1 Answer

Completely denatured alcohol may be lawfully possessed, furnished, purchased, sold, bartered, transported, imported, or delivered into, from and within the State of Vermont in accordance with the rules, laws and regulations of the Federal Government pertaining thereto. Pure ethyl or grain alcohol, including special denatured alcohol, for manufacturing, mechanical, medicinal, and scientific purposes must not be transported or delivered into or within the State of Vermont by other than a common carrier and only when consigned to the Vermont Liquor Control Board or to persons designated as permittees, such as manufacturers, industrial users, hospitals, druggists, institutions of learning, etc., and only in wholesale quantities in containers of five gallons or more when accompanied by permit issued by the Vermont Liquor Control Board. Upon application, a permit may be issued to registered manufacturers of alcohol or to manufacturer's agents desiring to sell alcohol to permittees in the ... more
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