Can I combine amplifier channels to increase the wattage to a single pair of speakers?

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1 Answer

No. This procedure is called "bridging" an amplifier and is not supported by the head unit included in DeckTunes. Attempting the procedure can harm the unit and any resulting damage will not be covered by the warranty. For those who care to know more about the subject: When you bridge an amplifier, you combine the power output of two channels into one channel. Bridging allows you to drive one speaker with more power than the amp could produce for two speakers. Because of this high power output, bridging is an ideal way to drive a single subwoofer. If your amp is bridgeable, the owner's manual will have directions that tell you how. Usually, an amp is bridged by connecting the speaker leads to the positive (+) terminal from one channel and the negative (-) terminal from the other channel. However, you should be sure to consult your owner's manual before attempting to bridge your amp. Also, keep in mind that most amplifiers need to see a 4-ohm load when bridged to mono operation. If ... more
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