Can I Fix My Overcooked, Undercooked, or Grainy Fudge?

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1 Answer

Can I Fix My Overcooked, Undercooked, or Grainy Fudge? This question refers to old-fashioned fudge; that is, fudge that is cooked to a specific temperature, cooled, then beaten until thick. Quick fudges that use marshmallow cream or condensed milk do not require beating, and are more foolproof, so they often do not have the same problems old-fashioned fudge does. If not made properly, old-fashioned fudges can be too soft, too hard, or unpleasantly grainy. Learn how to fix these fudge problems and avoid them in the future.Answer: Fudge that is too soft retains its unfortunate texture even after having been refrigerated or allowed to set for long periods of time. It will be sticky, difficult to cut, and will not hold its shape very well. Fudge usually behaves this way for one of two reasons: either it was not cooked to a high enough temperature (due to oversight or a faulty candy thermometer) or it was not beaten enough during the beating phase. Soft fudge can often be saved by re- ... more
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