Can I put draino in my washer?"

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Since the sink is filling with water it is the sink drain that is plugged and not a problem with the washing machine. You say you tried Draino and it didn't work. It probably did do something to the plug in the drain but wasn't enough to cause it to flush down the pipe. Since the washing machine drains into the sink the most likely reason for the plug is lint from the cloths. Lint from cloths is extremely heavy when wet and settles into low areas of the drain pipe. The P-Trap under the sink may be plugged. Since you only say that one sink won't drain, I assume the plug is not in the main sewer drain under the house. You see, there is a main drain pipe that all the drain in the house connect to. So I believe the plug is in the pipe that goes from the sink to the main pipe. First, try using a Plumbers Helper (plunger) to clear the clog. Most people do not use them properly and blame the plunger for not clearing the clog. If the sink has an overflow like your bathtub or bathroom sink, ...
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