Can I remove the ruching (rouching) from the skirt of a raw silk wedding dress?

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Hello, I am a professional seamstress and once worked in a bridal shop and also did a lot of alterations and have experience in remaking ready made garments along with designing and making custom made bridal gowns and evening wear. It is a 50/50 chance that alterations on the ruching could leave permanent marks in the fabric. However, I have always had very good luck with eliminating pin/needle holes in silk. The only thing that might be a problem is if there was weight on the stitches as a result of the ruching, it could have caused stress on the threads, resulting in stretched holes that may be difficult, if not impossible to remove. However, my biggest concern for you in this attempted alteration lies with the beading. I have found that under some buttons and under some beading are placement markings so the seamstress or the machines can line up to the spot to apply those applications. Unfortunately the only way to determine if these markings exist is to take a portion of a ... more
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