Can i still have a church wedding if i get married through Justice of the Peace?

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1 Answer

Well it depends on what kind of a church you're talking about. Because in the Catholic Church they will not marry you "again" because legally you are already married. They will do a vw renewal ceremony, but not with a full mass, and they will bless your marriage. So if you're trying to pull one over on everyone and get married and not tell them then try and have a wedding later on thier going to know that what thier seeing is not actually a wedding. Once you're married no one can marry you again and it's going to be different then a first time wedding and people will catch on. However, if you want to do the church wedding at a later date and you intened to tell everyone that it's a renewal or a blessing of the marriage then you will be just fine. You could still do the whole white dress and everything it just won't be a wedding in the sense of a first time wedding, the officiant will be stating that it's a blessing or a renewal, they have to by law. Good Luck! more
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