Can I still use a vial of Vetsulin if it freezes?

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1 Answer

No, freezing will damage the insulin molecules and reduce its effectiveness. If a vial of insulin accidentally freezes in the refrigerator, it should be discarded and a new vial should be used. Can I still use a vial of Vetsulin if it was forgotten outside the refrigerator between doses? Vetsulin should be stored upright, protected from light, and maintained between 2° and 8° C. If the Vetsulin vial has been accidentally stored outside the refrigerator, consult your veterinarian for advice on whether the Vetsulin can still be used or not. What else should I know about Vetsulin? • Always have a spare vial on hand. • Keep it in the box to protect it from light. • Keep it refrigerated. • If it has gotten too hot, or frozen, discard it immediately. How do I dispose of insulin syringes? Check local guidelines in your own community. All syringes should be disposed of in an appropriate sharps/biohazard container. Treatment of diabetes mellitus in cats What must I do if I know that I missed ... more
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