Can I take Vicodin with Seroquel?

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1 Answer

The possibility exists that each can cause drowsiness and GI symptoms. There are no contra-indications for taking the two together. I would suggest taking them with food and watch for any decrease in alertness. Make sure that the physicians and pharmacists who prescribed and dispensed these drugs, are aware of all the medications you are taking. What is the difference between Vicodin es 7.5/650 mg and Vicodin es 7.5/750 mg? The only difference in the two is the amount of acetaminophen (100mg more in the 7.5/750 mg pill). This may not seem like a big difference, but it can be if you take a lot. The rule of thumb is no more than 4 gm (4000 mg) of acetaminophen per day. Remember, also to check the acetaminophen in cold relievers. Many of these products contain acetaminophen. Can I take a sleeping pill (or melatonin) along with Vicodin? I see no reason the two could not be taken. The melatonin is taken only at the time of sleep, and only if you can devote eight hours to sleep. Always ... more
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