Can I use a beard trimmer to trim armpit, body and pubic hair?

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This is a commonly asked question and the answer is yes. But there are some key points to take note of. First of all, a beard trimmer will never give you a really close shave. There will be a slight stubble left and if you want a really clean shave, you should use a razor and some shaving cream. But if you only want to trim your body and pubic hair, you can use a beard trimmer. However, you should first use a pair of scissors to cut your body hair first so that it isn’t too long and mangled. This works best after a hot shower. If the hair is too long, it will just tangle up and clog the beard trimmer really quick. Always trim with scissors first before using a beard trimmer. Use the shortest trimmer guard or don’t use a trimmer guard at all… but be careful, don’t let your skin get caught in the blades. This rarely happens but still does for some badly constructed trimmers. more
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