Can I use a FTA satellite receiver to view Dish Network and/or DirecTV channels?

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1 Answer

Yes and no. We'll explain… The growing fascination with Free-To-Air technology is due, in part, to the recent development of third party software that provides free access to Dish Network's domestic paid satellite subscription channels. This third party software, which is often freely available on the Internet, can be downloaded into a user's FTA satellite TV receiver. Bottom line: you cannot legally view Dish Network paid satellite subscription channels without paying Dish Network. At present time there is no third party software that allows free access to DirecTV's paid satellite subscription channels. FTAFever does not provide or condone the use of such third party software. Third party software may be illegal, and will certainly void your receiver warranty. Our FTA satellite receivers are designed and intended for 100% legal use only. Our receivers ship with the manufacturer's pre-installed FTA software, which is only designed to view Free-to Air-channels. more
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