Can I use Advantage/Frontline flea medication for dogs on my cat?

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1 Answer

I have followed the same practice as Lee below for several years, giving each of my two cats a .5 ml dose of Frontline Plus for dogs. I dispense it from a repurposed inkjet printer refill syringe and "needle". Obviously, you don't inject the Frontline, but only use the syringe/needle combo to get the flea med onto the animal's skin. I also buy the largest quantity (89-132 lbs) and a 12 month supply to the get the absolute lowest price per unit. It is the same Frontline, but simply different quantities by weight of dog. I give my dog .03045 ml per pound, so my 45 lb Labradoodle gets a 1.3 ml dose, every 30 days. This practice saves a huge amount of money because you can buy the largest size Frontline, getting the lowest cost per milliliter. For instance, if you followed Frontline's dosing practice, you would give an 89 lb dog the same dose as a 132 lb dog, that's a major weight difference. Using the dosing I describe above, the 89 lb dog would get just 2.7 ml of the 4.02 ml vial. The ...
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