Can I use borax to kill fleas in my house and on my dog?

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1 Answer

First let me tell you that I own a pest control company and what I will recommend is the complete treatment that should help you completely get rid of the fleas. First, treat the pet with Capstar. This is a pill that you get from the vet that will kill all of the fleas that get on the animal for the first 24 hours. Second, use either Frontline or Advantage, these can also be purchased from the vet. Frontline can be used on pets 12 weeks old or older. Advantage can be used on animals as young as 6 weeks. If the pet is old enough for either product, switch back and forth between the two. One month use one, the next use the other. The reason I recommend this is that there are two main types of fleas that infest pets. One product works better on the first type and the other product works better on the second type. By using both, you make sure you have covered all your bases. Once the pet has been treated, you must treat your home and yard. The best products to do this would include not ... more
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