Can I use Chlorine and Bromine sanitizer products together?

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2 Answers

NO. You should never mix Chlorine and Bromine sanitizing products. This is very dangerous. If you are a Chlorine user and want to switch to Bromine, or vice versa, you must drain and refill your spa. Question 23: There is a strong chemical odor and my skin is irritated when I bath. What should I do? Answer:Your spa contains a high concentration of Chloramines. You should shock your spa with Renew. Question 24: How accurate are Test Strips? Answer: Test Strips are more than adequate for your backyard pool or spa. Commercial spas may require a greater need for accuracy in which case DPD testing should be used. Question 25: When should a SPA be drained? Answer: The general formula is 1/3 X Gallons divided by number of bathers per day.i.e.: 1/3 X 300 divided by 2 = 50 days. If persistent problems exist, drain the SPA and start again. Question 26: When I open the cover of my spa, I tend to cough. Why? Answer:You will usually detect the fumes of the disinfectant when removing the cover. If ...
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Chlorine and Bromine are two different types of pool chemicals that do the same thing so they should never be mixed. it would not only double dose your pool, but they could potentially mix together with dangerous consequences. Bromine is often used as a substitue to chlorine, but do not use them together.

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