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01/28/2008: Elisabeth from Malmoe, Sweden writes: “I posted a question on the 23 of Jan, which I can’t find on your site. I am concerned about oil pulling as I found out that both sesame and sunflower oil have a pH of 5 and I am wondering if oil pulling can damage tooth enamel. My teeth have been hurting and have become more sensitive after 5 months of oil pulling. Best regards” 05/11/2008: Nicole from Chicago, IL replies: “Response to Elizabeth (01/28/2008) regarding Oil pulling and dental enamel: I don’t think oil can have a ph. Ph is the proportional concentration of H ions to OH ions when an organic compound is dissolved in water. If H is higher the solution is acidic and if OH is higher, alkaline. Both alkaline and acid solutions are somewhat caustic because these unstable ions are “looking for” other molecules with which to react. Oil cannot be dissolved in water, so as far as I know, it cannot alter the ph of a solution.” HOW TO CONQUER THE SWALLOWING URGE? 01/26/2008: Caroline