Can Liquid Ionic Magnesium help in getting rid of cellulite?

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1 Answer

According to Dr. Susan Lark, M.D. (see www.drlark.com for information) in her newsletter, "New Choices, the Chemistry of Weight Loss, Summer 2001." Magnesium supplementation is critical for getting rid of cellulite. "Many of the weight problems I have seen can be cured with magnesium. A British researcher found that 80% of fatigue patients lack magnesium. You need 400mgs a day to get every cell in your body cranking out energy, but most women get only half that. I've seen many weight problems vanish with magnesium. This is because it stops cortisol production, which makes you big in the belly, and because it helps your body convert fatty acids into the anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. Too little magnesium and you are likely to have an inflamed, bloated body with lots of cellulite. more
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