Can Men Use The Wild Yam Cream?

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I sold a jar of wild yam cream to a man in my office who wanted the jar for his wife. Three days later the wife called on the phone. He was out of the office, so I asked her how she enjoyed the cream. She said, What cream? When he returned, I asked him what he was doing with the cream. After he turned red, he explained that as he got older, he had trouble reaching orgasm. He wanted the cream to help him out here. He felt extra progesterone would give him the boost he needed. It must have worked, because he bought a second jar for his wife! How Your Biochemistry Can Work For You Why does progesterone make all this happen? Heres a basic science lesson. Nature likes balance. PMS and menopause are caused by an natural imbalance, typically too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. The result makes your life a misery. A Science Lesson The science comes from Dr. Betty Kamen, who has a Ph.D. in nutrition. Her wonderful book, Hormone Replacement Therapy: Yes or No? How To Make An ... more
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