Can milk cause a stuffy nose?

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1 Answer

On One Hand: Milk Does Not Create MucusIt is a common belief that drinking milk will increase mucus causing nasal congestion, better known as a stuffy or runny nose. Dr. James M. Steckelberg, of the Mayo Clinic says this is a myth and that cold dairy products like ice cream have a calming effect on inflamed tissue.On the Other: Milk Allergy is Connected to Nasal CongestionMilk allergy can give you a stuffy nose. Your body creates histamines that lead to a variety of reactions, one of which is a stuffy nose, according to TeensHealth and KidsGrowth.com.Bottom LineMilk can give you a stuffy nose but only if you have a milk allergy. In the case of the common cold, it is safe to drink milk.
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