Can Mold Cause Seizures?

cause mold seizures

What is Mold? Mold can be classified as a fungus, that typically grows on plants and other fibers in damp, dank conditions. Mold can be easily ingested through inhalation, as it travels via air in the form of spores. Mold can also be present in cheeses like Roquefort, bleu, gorganzola and brie. The mold found on cheese is ingested orally and found in the human stomach. Any mold present on cheese that was not part of the manufacturing process (like bleu and Roquefort) should not be ingested, as it can cause illness or severe reactions. Mold in the Stomach According to Dr. Mark Knapp, several types of mold can be found in the stomach. He classifies these mold by color–green and red. The green mold is considered to be bile-like, and is excreted from the system like bile. The green mold takes the form of patches in the stomach, and is inhaled. The red mold, who’s color appears like blood, takes the shape of “shreds.” Dr. Knapp also found that when ingested, the red mold can cause severe r