Can my company advertise with the MileagePlus Reward Miles logo when offering a MileagePlus miles promotion or incentive?


Yes. All advertising and promotional materials using “United,” “United Airlines,” “MileagePlus,” “Reward Miles,” or any other of United’s marks or logos (collectively, “Marks”) are subject to MileagePlus’ prior written approval. Approval is granted via MileagePlus’ review process of an initialed sign-off of all concepts, pre-mechanicals and final mechanicals by emailing copies to, Attention: Partnership Marketing Reward Miles. Allow 10 working days for the approval process. Any unauthorized use of such Marks shall constitute a material breach of the Reward Miles Agreement, an infringement of United’s rights in and to such Marks, and subject to legal action. Nothing herein shall be construed as transferring to your Company any ownership or interest to the Marks.