Can one use Bactroban on cats?

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Ok- well the short answer to your question is that Bactroban is safe to use on cats. I prescribe this some times for treating chin acne, and suggest that people wash the area twice daily with an antibacterial soap (from a pharmacy first aid section), rinse well, pat dry and then apply a thin layer of Bactroban. With a kitten who is scratching herself to the point of self-injury, I do wonder if there is an underlying reason like Scabies or other parasites. It would be a good idea to have her examined by her vet as it is very unusual for a kitten of this age to have allergies, so I am suspicous that there is some kind of parasite that is causing her to be so itchy. It would be prudent to treat her with Frontline (NOT applied to the raw areas) as it is a safe and effective treatment for fleas. I know you said you did not see any, but maybe there are one or two driving her crazy. If that does not resolve the problem, then when she is in for her vacccines, do ask your vet to look in to ... more
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