Can parents refuse ESL services for their children?

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1 Answer

No. NYS requires that all identified ELLs receive ESL instruction. Parents may refuse to have their child participate in a bilingual education program, but do not have the option to withdraw their child from an ESL program. Who can teach ESL? Only teachers certified in ESOL can teach ESL classes. These teachers have completed extensive coursework in linguistics, sociolinguistics, methods of teaching a second language, teaching language through content, and foundations of bilingual and multi-cultural education. ESOL teachers in NYS are certified to teach grades PreK – 12. How many ELL students do we need to have before we are required to hire a certified ESOL teacher? One. All students who are eligible for ESL services must be instructed by an appropriately certified teacher. Where can we find ESOL teachers? ESOL certification programs are in place at the following universities in central NY: SUNY-Oswego, SUNY-Cortland, Utica College, LeMoyne College, and Nazareth College, University ... more
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