Can PTA funds be used for Teacher Appreciation Week/Day?

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1 Answer

While PTA wants to encourage a strong relationship between the teaching staff, parents and the PTA, PTAs should carefully consider the amount of funds spent for Teacher Appreciation Week/Day. According to the Toolkit, Finance Section, page 227, PTA funds should not be used to purchase personal gifts, equipment for staff lounges and lunchrooms or for furnishings for principals offices. Personal gifts include baby showers, Secretarys Day, bereavements, weddings, or birthdays. If the membership determines that such items are necessary, the individual members can make personal donations to purchase the designated items. These donations should not be commingled with PTA funds. If a PTA plans to give teachers a personal gift for Teacher Appreciation Week/Day, such as a gift certificate to a restaurant, spa or department store, that would constitute a personal gift and PTA funds should not be used to purchase it. If those certificates are donated by the businesses, that is acceptable. If a ...
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