Can rabbits and chickens live together?

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1 Answer

Rabbits and chickens can live together just fine in a garden environment; both me and a close friends have chickens and rabbits. I used to have three standard sized chickens and one rabbits that would share the garden with no problems; and my friend had two rabbits and three bantam chickens (one rooster) and there was never any problems there either. In a confined environment I wouldn't be quite so confident, there would have to be adequate room so that your chickens and rabbits could keep away (and run away!) from each other if needed. You would also have to introduce them to each other beforehand. Give the rabbit plastic tubes or hides for them to go in, and the bantams perches / roosts where they can get away from the rabbits for a bit. Also, the egg boxes would have to be high off the ground so that the rabbits couldn't get into them!! I'm not sure it'd be such a good idea, having rabbits and chicken roaming the garden at the same time is very different to having them confined ... more
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