Can Reactive Attachment Disorder be cured?

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1 Answer

The sooner the problem is identified and the conditions contributing to the grossly inadequate care and poor environment are changed, the better the chances for a reversal of the disorder. Do all children who are adopted have Reactive Attachment Disorder? The majority of adopted children do not have Reactive Attachment Disorder. Children who have been in an institution or other environment in which the caregivers did not provide emotional and sensory stimulation, such as physical holding, talking and interaction with adults, do best when they are adopted as soon as possible. The younger the children are when they are removed from the deprived environment, the better their chances of following a normal developmental track. Since children with autism often don't respond to other people, do they also have Reactive Attachment Disorder? Children with autism do show a lack of responsiveness to people, even to their parents, but most of these children are not apathetic or listless. They may ... more
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