Can sisal be painted or dyed?

dyed painted sisal

It’s a straw colour with deeper toned discolourations. ANSWER: Sisal is a natural fibre and absorbs dyes easily unless the carpet has been treated with a sealer. Since the carpet has stains this is unlikely. You can also paint sisal. Decide on a colour, and why not choose a pattern or a border contrast. You don’t have to paint the whole carpet. A pattern such as stripes, squares or a stencilled motif will camouflage any difference in shading. Tape off and cover up the spaces in the carpet you do not want painted. Press the tape down carefully. If you are using a stencil, spray the back with stencil spray adhesive and hold down while you are filling in the pattern with paint. Use spray paint and apply a liberal amount. Allow 12 to 24 hours to dry completely. Seal the carpet with an acrylic spray sealer. Debbie Travis’ House to Home column is produced by Debbie Travis and Barbara Dingle. Please email your questions to:house2home@debbietravis.