Can songs not submitted by professional songwriters qualify for professional recognition or “P” status on Song Central?


Yes, songs by other songwriters whose material has had some some recognition by a professional will qualify for professional recognition status and be tagged with a P symbol in showcase. Songs/music will qualify for this status once one of the following is confirmed: • Achievment of success in a Song Competition. If you achieve a result in a “known” songwriting competition and advise Song Central with details for confirmation, your song will be tagged with a P symbol for the duration of its time in showcase • Achieving a successful Review If you submit a song for review by one of Song Central’s professional reviewers that results in your song being deemed to have “commercial potential” your song qualifies for a P symbol. • Co-write or collaborate with a Professional If your song was developed by working with a music professional contact Song Central with the details. We will verify the status of your co-writer/collaborator and apply a P symbol to the song in showcase.

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