Can Spiderman be considered an epic hero?

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1 Answer

No because traditionally an epic hero is a Prince or a King, someone high up. These are all everymen, who are suddenly imbued with a spectacular ability which allows them power over other men. They did not have the power in the first place, and they often abuse it, or are flawed in their execution. Epic heroes will have traits valued by the society in which they are produced; they are consistent in their valour, honour, bravery but also wisdom. Often warriors. Comic book heroes have split personalities - they take on a new persona. Clark Kent is hardly a hero, but his alter ego is. Batman you could suggest is an epic hero... he is wealthy, (aristocracy?) and he upholds the moral code of the land when the law disintegrates. However, his methods are dubious and he is more of a vigilante. His strength comes from his inventions, so this may suggest wisdom. Basically epic heroes are valued warriors who have a position of power, and use it in an exemplary manner as a lesson to all man ... more
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