Can spirits shape-shift or change form and do they have the ability to solidify?

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1 Answer

Yes, although the ability for a spirit to shapeshift is not as most of us would typically think of it in terms of shapeshifiting. If a ghost was once human they would not be able to manifest into other shapes, forms, creatures, animals, etc. When a ghost manifests it may do so in any one of several forms such as a vortex, an orb, a mist, ectoplasm, energy ribbons, human forms, etc. Shapeshifting from one form to another is not common when they are manifested because it would theoretically change the density, frequency, and wavelength of the ghost which could lead to instability in the manifestation. Usually, if it is a conscious choice that the ghost understands how to execute they may choose one form or another to manifest in. As far as solidification goes, a ghost can not consciously cause their electromagnetic mass to condense into a form that would be intrinsically solid, at least in a physical sense. They do harbor the capabilities to change the density of their electromagnetic ... more
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