Can stainless steel (prefabricated) crowns be used on adult teeth?

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1 Answer

Although a stainless steel crown can be placed on a back adult tooth as well, we generally avoid doing this because the margins (edges) of the prefabricated crowns do not fit the neck of the tooth tightly, and the result is plaque retention and gum irritation leading to periodontal destruction (gum disease) around that tooth. Children do not have this problem because of their incredible resistance to disease, and because the baby tooth will fall out naturally before the child is old enough to develop the problem. For more on prefabricated crowns and adult teeth click here. Fluoride and children I have written an entire page on the advantages, disadvantages and controversy surrounding fluoride (along with a rather amusing letter from an antifluoridationist). In general, fluoride is a well accepted fact of life in American dentistry. We use it in toothpastes, mouth rinses, topical applications, for desensitizing teeth, remineralizing decay, and as a dietary supplement for children. ... more
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