Can the Rev Limiter damage the engine?

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1 Answer

NO! If and when the engine reaches the selected rev limit point the Rev Limiter will only drops cylinders randomly. The Rev Limiter is only as accurate as the input signal. The Rev Limiter is based on the incoming input signal from the magnetic pickup at the base of the generator or the pickup from the crank trigger. When the generator pickup is used it's not uncommon for the limiter accuracy to widen due to the mechanical slop or movement at high engine speed. This has been evident by a RacePak data recorder showing the timing variance (see above: What's the difference between a trigger from a magneto and a crank trigger?) In order to maximize the Rev Limiter accuracy it's advised to install a crank trigger. The Rev Limiter Chip is a precision resistor with 0.1% accuracy that calibrates the Rev Limiter circuitry. The RPM value should not change by heat or vibration nor can a resistor be "Shorted". A resistor can be "Open" which would then result in a "No Rev Limit" What happens when ... more
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