Can winners remain anonymous?

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1 Answer

NO, not in the true sense of the word. Wisconsin has "Open Records" law. Virtually any information state government produces, or controls, is available to any person requesting. The statutes are specific in determining what individual information may be subject to this law. Only information "in the public's interest" may be released by a government agency. For Lottery winners this means that it has (1) been determined that it is in the public's interest to know there have been Lottery winners (as the proceeds of the Lottery are for public use, i.e. Property Tax Relief) and (2) the Lottery must, upon request, release the name and hometown of winners. Any other information about the winner, their future plans or any background information will only be released with the winner's consent. The winner may or may not speak to the media. It is not required, nor can it be prevented.
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