Can witches put spells and curses on Christians?


Can witches put spells and curses on Christians?


Depends on the person. If that person is Wiccan (like me), then it is aganist our laws, "An’ it harm none, do what ye will"

It’s basically saying, do what you want with magic, as long as you hurt no one.

If that witch isn’t Wicca, then nothing is stopping her/him hexing or cursing you.

DON’T BE SCARED, HOWEVER! Most witches practice healing, dream interpretation, good luck, and self-empowerment spells. It takes a lot of stomach to actually harm someone with magic as it imposes a large number of risks for the caster and the victim. Risks include over-do (which makes the outcome worse than intended), under-do (which maybe inflicts a light scratch or mark), or the three-fold law.

In case you don’t know what the three-fold law is, it’s the karmic law which means that whatever you give, good or bad, you get back, good or bad. It means that if you do good, you’ll get good back and vice versa.



Cast a undoing spell. It’s a bad idea if you’re Christian though. If that is the case email me at:, and I will remove the spell for you FOR FREE! I PROMISE! NO ONE DESERVES TO BE CURSED SO I WILL GLADLY DO IT FOR FREE!!!

Sorry this is so long,

Witch and Wiccan Danielle.


YES! Anyone capable of sending a spell or curse can send it to anyone. You are not automatically protected. You weren’t automatically Saved! You had to do something. Break and return all spells and curses DAILY. The more you return, the less they send them.

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