Can you take both ibuprofen and co dydramol?

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1 Answer

If you're taking co drydamol you really shouldn't even need the ibuprofen, co drydomal is pretty much the strongest of the "Co" drugs and should do the job. If you feel you need to take the mix keep to strict minimum amounts per day and make someone in your household aware you're under the influence. I had to mix like this when i had 3 wisdom teeth simultaneously extracted and felt pain like no other in my life, but under the mix i experienced a weird side effect, essentially all my emotions switched off .. i wasn't happy, but wasn't depressed, just nothing seemed to bother me, i was sort of checked out but able to function right. but in that situation, looking back, i wouldn't of been liking looking after kids. Also i became addicted as i needed to take them for 5 days so i had to see my doctor for a couple of weeks to clear my system out. I accept i probably needed them (infact when the dentist finished he said you've got 30 mins to get to a pharmacy or someones going to fire a ... more
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