Can you use ziploc bag as waterproof case for digital camera for underwater photography?

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1 Answer

No The seal on a ziploc bag is not sufficient to keep water out. When you put it underwater, even less than a couple of metres, the water pressure will press on the seal & cause it to leak. The flexible housings made by EWA-Marine that fhotoace mentions have proper seals that are watertight to several metres. Other alternatives are to buy a camera that is waterproof to a rated depth (most of the consumer 'underwater' compacts are suitable for swimming pool use), or buy a rigid housing for a camera (if one is available for your model). If you're in the UK, Cameras Underwater are a good supplier of quality cameras/housings; http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/ans… and here's a selection of mostly consumer models from Amazon; http://www.amazon.co. more
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