Cane Pole Fishing: Can I fish with a cane pole and natural bait in a river or stream without a license?

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1 Answer

Residents of this state may fish with "nonmanufactured" tackle in the freshwater rivers and streams of South Carolina without a license. However, this law does not allow a nonresident or persons under suspension to fish without a license. On lakes and reservoirs persons may fish with "nonmanufactured" tackle by purchasing a lakes and reservoirs permit for $3.00. Check the body of water that you wish to fish. For information related to fishing regulations, contact DNR Law Enforcement at (803) 734-4002. For information related to licensing, contact the Licensing Section at (803) 734-3833. State Lakes Program: In areas of the state where few public fishing locations exist, these lakes provide opportunities for bank fishing, and some have boat launching facilities, fishing piers, nature trails and picnic areas. To receive information, write DNR Public Fishing Lakes, PO Box 167, Columbia, SC 29202 or call (803) 734-3886. more
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