Car mechanics what harm can diesel engine fumes and soot do to your health???

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1 Answer

I am a mechanic and i usually feel light headed at times working on some petrol engine cars due to the oxides and nitrogen give off by the exhaust system. Read the infomation below from one of our health and safty fact sheets which was isued while i was training 15 years ago. How exhaust fumes afflict your body (Air pollution facts) Suspended Particulate matter (SPM) Main source: Diesel vehicles. Petrol vehicles, motor cycles. . Effects: Chest infection, aggravates asthma, may cause cancer. Children are more at risk than adults. Ozone Main source: Indirectly Oxides of Nitrogen from diesel and petrol. Generates ozone after photochemical reaction with sunlight. Children are more at risk than adults. Effects: Can induce asthma even in a normal person and aggravate asthma in patients. causes damage to the linings of the lungs. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Main Source: Petrol and diesel. Sports participants and children are most at risk. Effects: Headache, drowsiness, lethargy, red ... more
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