car sale to another country

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Can I sell my car to a buyer in another country? Now there is a demand for used cars in the countries of the former union. what difficulties may arise?


To sell a car in any country, you need to have a product that someone will be interested in, so it’s most profitable to go to used car companies that offer their services, and there you can solve all the questions about the documents. I even bought myself a used truck from such a place – I recommend it.

William Young

I don’t know how to sell a car on paper, so I often turn to professionals. I can say that I have bought several cars on without too much trouble. I have always been approved for a loan, and everything has been fine. The question then arises – why use other options at all?


As far as I know, there is always a demand for used cars in any country. It all depends on the quality of your car, as well as on the model you want to sell. Unfortunately, now many people are trying to make money on this and deceive buyers, so you should pay attention to many nuances when buying a car. I recently bought a used car but it was in an out of state so I needed help with delivery. Thanks to Shipaa, I was able to determine the honesty of the buyer, and they also helped me with shipping to my state. I think there are similar services that work between countries. I once saw on Instagram the profile of a person who delivers ugly cars. If you search the internet, you can find it.

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That’s right. Make out better through a broker.

Custom declaration you will need.


Lika Detelina

You will need to de-register a car in Canada. I do not know only temporary transit numbers will be needed or not. Still need to issue a car at customs. it is necessary for you and especially for the buyer. Because the buyer in his country will need to prove the origin of the car and where it was brought from. And these are documents. You’d better contact the customs broker for processing customs declarations. So it will be easier and calmer for you and the buyer