Casino advice

Adam Smith

Best way to make money on casino?


Thanks for it guys. For me the best way to get money in the casino is to play blackjack and poker here . It seems quite difficult maybe but in fact its not hard at all. All you need is just to play it and think clearly, also you can watch some videos in utube how to play better.


Sure, I love betting and it makes me feel better when I bet some money on sport. You know it helps me to handle stress. Thus I may feel more comfortable and I appreciate people who share odds and those who play here this is my favorite service.

Nil Mel

That’s cool what things do you also do but playing casinos? Do you bet some money on sport?

John John edited answer

Well, the first you need is to find a good casino. Mostly I play casino online. I do it for last 2 years. I found an online game casino and bet there all the time. I win often and the casino always gives me my money when I do. For example, last month it was something like $1000. It’s all about the maths and stuff. If you want, I can tell you more about it. Just write me a PM or something. And one more thing – you need to have some money to earn some money. But I think this is obvious. You gonna make bets out of something.