Chevy tahoe 4 wheel drive question!!?

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I finally gave in and I'll be driving a truck forever!!! I have a 1995 chevy tahoe 4 wd-- How do I put it into 4wd?should the truck be in park or neutral?Please offer any other suggestions to a first time female CHEVY truck owner!! A: 4WD high should be engaged either in drive, park, or neutral, it don't matter, although its a shift on the fly system, I still recommend to people that they stop before engaging the system to reduce the wear on the drive-train components. 4WD low should only be engaged at a complete stop, place transmission in neutral, select 4WD low, place transmission back into desired gear. Unlike what Brian said about going into park when engaging 4WD low, it will not engage in Park, only in neutral. more
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