Clawed Frog Constipation?

constipation frog

Hi, I’ve owned my African Clawed Frog for almost 3 years now and I have never had issues with him. He’s had to deal with living at college with me and the trips back and forth and the freezing cold dorm rooms and has lasted through it all. Right now I have him in a 25 gallon tank with a ground feeder and a snail. The past week his butt has started to get red and irritated looking and it actually looks like he’s almost constipated. Last night I came home from being out and he had that bloated look of what Dropsy is but not as severely as some pictures I’ve seen. I woke up this morning expecting the worst but the bloating actually went down and he’s eating and is shedding right now and acting normal except for looking irritated and constipated back there.