Cold Start Injector. [Inquiry] What are the symptoms of a failed cold start injector?

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[Chris Herbst] The cold start valve adds more fuel to the start and cold run mixture for better performance when starting and first started. Then it shuts off. By the way, don't let cold start valve and cold start injector fool you. They are the same thing. Symptoms often include failure to run without foot on the pedal, and failure to keep running at cold idle. If it fails, it could cause you to have to crank longer on cold starts, although similar conditions on warm start would be less abnormal and more likely to be a fuel supply problem. First see if you read line voltage from the wiring harness to the cold start injector when cranking after the car has sat overnight in cool weather. If the "3-2-1" diagnostic code persists, the cold start valve is faulty. Cold Start Injector Problems on Regina Cars. If your car has a Regina fuel injection system and you have starting difficulties, see this note about a Technical Service Bulletin 23-135 fix for the problem. more
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