Computers allow people to work at home. Is it desirable?


Computers allow people to work from home. But there is a limited number of people who work at home. Most of them go outside to work. Computers are really a great invention until now. But initially, computers were large and were limited in use. They were used mainly during the Second World War in order to send signals. But now it has been changed. All the functions are now available in a child’s pocket calculator. Now a computer is powerful, small and cheap. It can do all the tasks within seconds. Computer solves various equations. Computers are also used in banks and all kinds of work related to bills, orders etc. The computer has become an unavoidable thing in the world of business. Any organization from the small business to high uses the help of computers. custom essay writing service gives a neatly written essay paper for students. The need for white collar jobs in the office has disappeared. Today it is possible for all workers to work from home. The emergence of the robot will totally eliminate the need for work. There are many online works that can be done at home. Even the talented musician’s practices at home. Most of the companies allow the workers to work at the company atmosphere of work. This atmosphere will bring them the best out of themselves. Ideas improve when they are exchanged. To work in public demands a certain standard for dress and personal care. The reality of today’s work is that when children go out for school housewives also take paid employment. They would also have a computer. They can do every work at home. Computers are useful when it is used carefully. As a tool, it can be misused. Hackers can collect records from a system. They can put a virus. Everything has a positive and negative side. In this era, work pattern and atmosphere have changed a lot. It is up to them where to work.