Could Abilify show as a benzodiazepine in a drug test?

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1 Answer

No it cannot--Abilify is not only structurally unrelated, but even routine drug screens are still very specific for the substance tested. It is highly unlikely to get a false positive due to another substance. However, false positives do occur, and if this is the case, the Abilify is probably completely unrelated. The likelihood of a false positive is indirectly related to how likely someone is to be using a drug, which is a concept many people find difficult to grasp. In other words, if it is more likely someone is using a drug, it is less likely to get a false positive, and if they are unlikely to be using drugs, they are more likely to get a false positive. Obviously, to draw conclusions from a drug test, your sources of information on this have to be very reliable, or the confirmatory testing must be done. Confirmatory tests are more specific, and if they are negative for benzodiazepines, they suggest the screening test was a false positive. In all likelihood, and at the risk of ... more
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