Dating for seniors


My mom is divorced and has been single for more than five years. I’d like her to meet a good man, so she won’t be alone, and of course, I want her to be happy. What dating sites can you recommend for people over 60? She lives in Canada if it matters.


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Nikole Brown

I can suggest checking This is a site for people over 60 for sure, and it is Canadian, so she can look for partners at her location. It is for fun and casual dating. Your mom can find new friends, true love, or just have fun.

Alexia Hunt

If you’ve been many years in one relationship, it’s a strange new world to meet as a senior single. This is one of the biggest re-inventions you may need to take on. Ideally, before you plunge into dating, you need to sort yourself out more basically. This means clearing self-destructive habits like depression, anger, addiction, and learning better communication skills.